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Course Title: HIS 111 - History of World Civilization I (3 credits)




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Course Description and Prerequisites


Course Objectives


Time Expectation


Course Requisite Technical Skills

In order to succeed in this online course, you must be comfortable working with technology. At a minimum, you must possess the following technical skills:

  • Ability to use the Internet in an effective and efficient manner, including installation and management of browser plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Basic knowledge about the operation of a computer, file management, and software installation.
  • Working knowledge of the Canvas learning management system.
  • Ability to proficiently search the web for information
  • Ability to download and print information from websites
  • Ability to download, view, and/or print PDF files


Textbooks and Materials

Required Textbooks

Other Technologies and Materials 

Course website - HIS 111 Homepage 

You may also read these for extra credit:

  • Confucius, Analects (ISBN 9780486284842)
  • Bartolomé De Las Casas, A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (ISBN 9780140445626)


Acquiring Textbooks and Course Materials


Course Grading


Course Policies

Extra Credit

  • There are extra credit options available in each unit of the course: (1) You may submit one item of extra credit in each unit of the course; (2) you may not submit extra credit work from a unit once that unit has been completed; (3) you may not submit extra credit work if you are not up- to-date on the course required assignments.
  • You can also earn extra credit at any time by (a) finding a typo, spelling error or broken link (if possible find a replacement link) or (b) finding any website or web materials that are relevant to this course.  Please email that information (and the URL of the relevant course page) directly to your instructor. This is not subject to the "one assignment submitted per day" course rule.

Assignment Drafts and Rewrites/Resubmits

  • You are encouraged to email a draft of an assignment to your instructor for informal feedback before you submit your assignment for grading. Please email well in advance of the assignment deadline. This does not apply to extra credit work.
  • After you have received feedback on a submitted assignment, we do encourage the resubmission of an assignment to earn an improved grade (usually a maximum +5 points possible on a 50-point assignment and +10 points possible on a 100-point assignment). Here's the deal:
    • Your grade on the assignment must be the equivalent of a "C" or lower.
    • You must resubmit the rewrite before the next unit due date (usually the next Thursday or Monday).
    • You may not rewrite/resubmit extra credit work.
    • You may not submit a rewrite on the same day that you submit any other assignment or extra credit work.
    • Your rewrite/resubmit must show definite improvement to earn an improved grade.
  • Occasionally your instructor might request that you resubmit an assignment. This might be, for example, if your submission did not directly address the assignment question or if your submission was incorrectly formatted. This is for your benefit.

Grading Turnaround Time: 

Feedback on your work will be posted to the Canvas gradebook, usually within 24-48 hours.

Late Work Policy: 

  • There are specific assignment deadlines in this course, and these are listed on the course schedule. You may submit any of the course required assignments late, but the maximum point value will then be reduced by one-half.
  • You may not take a required midterm or final exam late.
  • You may not submit a late group project.

Incomplete Policy: 

Withdraw from the Course


Student Rights & Responsibilities


Overview of Assignments


Taking Proctored Assessments



Your Email Account


Student Resources


Accommodation Policy and Statements


NOVA Online Policies and Procedures



Course Summary:

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