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Course Title:  ARA 101 Beginning Arabic I (4 Credits)



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Course Description and Prerequisites


Course Objectives


Time Expectation


Course Requisite Technical Skills

In order to succeed in this online course, you must be comfortable working with technology. At a minimum, you must possess the following technical skills:

  • Ability to use the Internet in an effective and efficient manner, including installation and management of browser plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Basic knowledge about the operation of a computer, file management, and software installation.
  • Working knowledge of the Canvas learning management system.
  • Proficient searching the web for information
  • Able to download and print information from websites
  • Able to download, view, and/or print PDF files


Textbooks and Materials

Required Textbooks


Acquiring Textbooks and Course Materials


Course Grading


Course Policies

Attendance Policy: (Instructor: Please modify the following policies.  They are Sana's policies and they are for your reference only.)

NOVA Online's policy requires students to submit an assignment by a certain date so that you let us know that you are still interested.  If you fail to turn in any item by expected date, you will be dropped from the class. 

Students are encouraged to meet with the faculty virtually at least once. However, students will not lose any grade if they wish not to participate in the meetings.


Late Work Policy: 

Please be aware that this course is designed in a way that allows you to learn materials one item/step at a time. I highly recommend that you do all the assignments on time. I understand that there are times when you need extra time to complete. You may turn in late work one week (7 days) after the due date. Thus, if the assignment is due on (3/1) late date is (3/8). Should you need more time, please contact me via email, and explain your reason. Assignments will close after that date and will not be opened. 

Do not email me your homework. Any assignment that is emailed will receive zero. 

You are required to post the correct assignment in the correct slot and make sure it is fully and correctly downloaded. You are also required to double check every recording you have made, and download it correctly. If your audio assignment has no voice, you will receive zero. 

There are 2 to 4 attempts allowed in case you fail to download the assignments correctly. The attempts are not designed for you to redo an assignment. Faculty do not review assignments or recordings ahead of time

Quizzes: In order to do well on your exams, it is important that you complete the quizzes before the Exam. Doing your homework and taking the quizzes before the major exam will help you in the Exam. However, I will accept Late Quizzes that are turned in by May 2nd. 

Exams: You must take the exam on time, using Respondus Lockdown Browser and with the video camera on. Students who need extra time must have reasonable excuses such as health issue, family emergency, or court order. 

At any time a student requests to take an exam after the due date, including Incomplete, the student will only be allowed to take the portion of the Exam and be graded on questions that are in Lockdown browser which are graded through automated systems. All other attachments or answers of questions that are required to be graded by the faculty will be given a zero. 

You will receive email from me notifying you when the Exam is due. 

Class ends xxx , thus, you must take the Final Exam before the end of that date. Testing Centers are not open, you will take the exam at home. 

Grading Turnaround Time:

All completed assignments will be graded no later than seven days after the due date, and sooner when possible.


Incomplete Policy:

Withdraw from the Course


Student Rights & Responsibilities


Overview of Assignments


Taking Proctored Assessments



Your Email Account


Student Resources


Accommodation Policy and Statements


NOVA Online Policies and Procedures



Course Summary:

Date Details Due